Book hut

Location: 65°16.166N -  17°04.072W (map datum: WGS 84).

Botni hut is located approx. 650 m SSE from the uppermost origin of Suðurá river, near the NW edge of Ódáðahraun lava field. The hut was built in 1996 and sleeps 16. The hut has a kerosene-operated stove for heating and gas cooker for cooking. Drinking water can be obtained from wells some 200 m S of the hut or from the uppermost tributaries of Suðurá river. The hut remains open all year round. There is a walking route from Dyngjufell hut to Botni (20-22 km) and from Botni to Svartárkot farm (15-16 km).

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