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Location: N65°01.614N -  18°19.923W (map datum: WGS 84).
Tel: +354 833 5697 / +354 822 5192

Laugafell hut is located on the high plateau of North Icleand, 15 km NE of Hofsjökull glacier and 20 km SW from the end of Eyjafjarðardalur valley. The old hut was built in 1948-50 and the sanitary house with sleeping accommodation was built in 1994-98. The accommodation in the huts is a sleeping bag accommodation. Guests must bring their own sleeping bags. The old hut sleeps 20 and the sleeping loft in the sanitary house sleeps 12. The houses are heated all year round with geothermally hot water. There is gas for cooking. The sanitary house has WC facilities and changing cubicles for the adjacent swimming pool. There is also a camping site by the hut, we don´t book for the camping site. There is a warden at Laugafell in July, August and the beginning of September. The huts are locked in the winter but the toilets and changing facilities are open all year round. The Laugafell area is conveniently located for 4-wheel drive traffic on the northern high ground of Iceland as tracks lead from Laugafell to Eyjafjörður (F821), Skagafjörður (F752), Bárðardalur (F881 and F26) and the South via Sprengisandur (F752 and F26). Phone number (in summer): (+354-) 833-5697.


Reservations and enquiries: Contact the club office of FFA: e-mail:, phone number: +354 462 2720