Book hut

THE HUT  IS LOCKED. Keys are available at the office and in a key box by the huts door. To book accommodation you can call the office:  354+462 2720 - or send us an email Over the summertime bookings can be made through our wardens at Dreki hut (in Askja) and Þorsteinsskáli hut (Herðubreiðarlindir). 
Only for EMERGENCY keys can be accessed outside of reglular opening hours through offices phone (+354) 822 5193.

Location: 65°11.292N 16°32.255W (map datum: WGS 84).

Bræðrafell hut is located SA from the Bræðrafell mountain, just S of the Kollóttadyngja lava shield.

The hut was built in 2016. The hut sleeps 16 and has a oil-operated stove for cooking and for the heating of the hut. During summer time drinking water is collected from the roof into reservoirs on the sidewalls of the hut. This is only active in July and August and travelers are always urged to bring their own drinking water when travelling in the Ódáðahraun area.There is a walking route from the Herðubreið mountain W to the hut, approx. 9-10 km, marked by yellow sticks. The marked walking route continues S to Dreki hut, E of the Dyngjufjöll massif.

Reservations and enquiries: Club office of FFA: e-mail: or phone number: +354 462 2720.