Öskjuvegur ágúst 2006 (Askja Trail)

 Við fengum sendar myndir frá Frodo Bosman, Hollendingi sem gekk Öskjuveginn í ágúst sl.


Hello Anna,

I promised you to send you some pictures I made on the Askja Trail. First I
would like to say that it was a very impressive hike. And the huts you
provided were excellent!

Furthermore, would you please send my regards to Thorni, the ranger that was
at Herdubreid and Dreki at the times I was there.

So, I will send you the pictures in a small format that mostly is good enough
for the internet, in several e-mails. In this first mail I include the picture
I made of Thorni, and a picture of me on the last day (boy was I satisfied). By
the way, I was very lucky with the weather, so I had some great views for
picture-making... (Still, on the last day of my trip, my camera broke down
because of sand in the lens... small price to pay).

Friendly regards,